Sarah J. Hollenbeck
871 Ibis Walk Pl N Unit 2209
St. Petersburg, FL 33716
(847) 287-2865



Storytelling is my passion. I am enthusiastic, hardworking and creative. But most of all, I never give up.

When I applied for a reporter position in Fort Myers, FL, I was given a challenge. In an e-mail the assistant news director wrote, “You say you’re a digger? You have 48 hours from this moment to find everything you can about me. My name is Greg Turchetta".

42 hours later, Turchetta received a seven-page report in his inbox revealing his social security number, details few knew about a recent divorce, even copies of each of his children's birth certificates.

Twenty minutes after I hit send I had the job.

At my current station, 10News WTSP in St Petersburg, FL, I am constantly challenged to think outside the box. I find stories that are both creative and memorable and work hard to dig up exclusive content.

I have a decade of experience in shooting and editing video, creating unique and engaging content for the web and social media.

For the past 6 years, I’ve crawled out of bed at 2AM eager to deliver new stories. By 5AM, I’ve created several web, TV and social media stories, long before most people have crawled out of bed.

As technology changes, I want to be a part of the movement to reach larger and more diverse audiences. I want to help the TV industry adapt to the multi-media world.

My specialties include: Shooting, editing, creating content for multiple platforms, getting to the heart of a story, networking, enterprising, social media, website publishing and editing, training my peers.

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